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Voice for Feminine Freedom in Fiction, Non-Fiction, & Film

M.K. Jones began her career in communications in 1981 as Assistant to the Director of Broadcast Production at Foote, Cone & Belding, an advertising agency on the Gold Coast of Chicago second in size only to Leo Burnett. In 1982, she was hired at Tatham Euro-RSCG, a somewhat smaller agency on Michigan Avenue, where she produced television commercials mainly for Procter & Gamble until 1985, when she started freelancing. As an independent contractor, she worked on feature films and other film formats as well as commercials. Her film work took her to both coasts. At this time she got her start writing professionally: commercial scripts, scripts for sales and training films, ad copy, business to business…and anything the market demanded to create a desired impact in promoting a product or service. She also began to write fiction: novels about intrepid female protagonists, who strive to build careers, live authentic personal lives, and protect critical aspects of their privacy, while they confront every form of harassment, including abuse, defamation, and anonymous threats of violence – all within a male-dominated culture. Most of the action is centered in the film industry. While M.K.'s work could be labeled romantic suspense, it has a definite edge, with elements of satire.


In 1994, M.K. Jones was hired as a Writer/Producer by Hawthorne Communications, a foremost producer of long-format advertising, in Fairfield, Iowa. In 1995, she moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan. There she wrote screenplays for The University of Michigan and a number of other clients, until she was hired as Creative Director for WNWO-TV, an NBC affiliate in the area. In 1997, she moved to Cincinnati, Ohio, where she's completed two irreverant and suspenseful novels with themes of personal liberty, as well as a non-fiction book which cites female celebrities for their courage and creativity, as it encourages women to explore their unique potential. Her writing is marked with lively and incisive wit. She's also a contributing writer for Hyde Park Living magazine.


M.K. considers herself an advocate for personal dignity, and the impartial treatment of men and women. She is active in the arts and philanthropies. She finds personal pleasure reading to the blind as a volunteer for the Cincinnati Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired.


“While I write from a female perspective, I don’t consider myself a feminist. I believe in equal rights for everyone, regardless of sex, race, or creed. And so I try not to express bias.


Much of my career has been in filmmaking, which I find fascinating. In my fiction, it’s been a delight for me to write about women in the film industry, because I have an understanding of the challenges they face. They are the same challenges women face in all realms of life; but since the lives of film personalities are so visible and the stakes seem so high, their challenges might appear larger than life. While this may make good storytelling, perhaps it’s just an illusion. Outrageous things happen to my characters, just as they often happen in contemporary film. Above all, I want to entertain my readers, if possible, even exhilarate them.


In my non-fiction to date, I use wit and wisdom, not just my own, but that of famous role models, to entertain, as well as enlighten and inspire readers to discover the joy of autonomy, despite any influences that may seem to stand in their way.”


M.K Jones


Other Accomplishments:

Produced an advertising campaign with Din & Pangrazio
for the State of Illinois which won the Award of Excellence
from the Independent Association of Business Communicators, 1991



Master of Arts in Communication Arts, (Radio-TV-Film) - The University of Michigan
Bachelor of Science in Education, Art - Miami University